EasiYo Yoghurt

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The freshest Yoghurt in the world! That's some claim, but like thousands of other regular users of EasiYo we believe it to be true.

What's definitely true is that millions of people have been making their own real yogurt for many thousands of years. And there is one simple reason that they do and that is because no other yogurt tastes as good, or is more beneficial than freshly-made real yogurt!

What's more, as well as being truly delicious, EasiYo Yogurt is rich in absorbable nutrients and has literally Billions of live lactic cultures (stomach friendly bacteria) in every mouthful! There are no two ways about it, You just can't beat yogurt when it's freshly made!

Tried and tested, the EasiYo Yogurt Making System is adored around the world for its fabulous taste, wholesome ingredients, simplicity and economy!

Just try it and you'll realise why millions of people have made it a part of their daily lives.
A Few Tasty Hints and Tips
Perfect Yoghurt Every Time
Make sure the water is at room temperature before mixing with the yoghurt mix. If you are using tap water please allow it to stand long enough to reach room temperature. The water in the pipes can be very cold and this cools the boiling water in the yoghurt maker too quickly. This doesn't allow the cultures in the mix to form properly, hence the yoghurt being runnier than it should be.
Always use a new EasiYo sachets so all the lactic cultures are present in the yoghurt.

If any Whey clear liquid forms in your yoghurt, simply stir it back in. It is very nutritious and can be drained from the yoghurt and used in soups or drinks. It is a rich source of vitamin B12.

For a milder taste, chill freshly made EasiYo yoguhrt as soon as it sets, around 6 hours
Tips and Advice
EasiYo YoghurtTangy
For a more tangy taste, incubate overnight for around 8 to 10 hours

Swiss Style
For a creamy consistency, stir your EasiYo yoghurt rapidly.

All Plain EasiYo yoghurts can be sweetened to taste using 2 to 4 tablespoons of sugar, equivalent artificial sweetener or honey.

Fruit Toppings
Use fresh, canned or frozen fruit, sliced, chopped or puréed, or flavour with EasiYo Real Fruit Pulp toppings.
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